Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, associate professor at Yeshiva University and spiritual leader of Congregation Beth-El in Edison, New Jersey, has published the Rosenberg Holocaust Siddur.

“Experience has shown that without a framework for commemoration, remembrance will not long endure,” said Rosenberg. “For more than 3000 years, Jews have been reminded every spring of the Exodus from Egypt, at a date firmly implanted on the Jewish calendar that is observed with Seder rituals.  Will the Holocaust, like the Exodus, be remembered beyond the generations of our grandchildren’s grandchildren?  Very likely not – if no halachic agreement is reached on a specific day for remembrance, with prayers, readings and rituals adapted for the occasion.”

Rosenberg, who chairs the New York Board of Rabbis Holocaust Education Committee, hopes to fill that void with his new siddur which includes poems, essays, songs and Maariv services. Rosenberg is a graduate of Yeshiva College, RIETS, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. He is the author of Theological and Halachic Reflections on the Holocaust, A Guide for the Jewish Mourner and Contemplating the Holocaust.

The Rosenberg Holocaust Siddur is dedicated to Rosenberg’s parents, who survived the Holocaust, and is available for free download online at http://www.jewishfreeware.org/downloads/YOM%20HASHOAH/.


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