Drs. Harvey Babich, Alyssa G. Schuck, Jeffrey H. Weisburg and Harriet L. Zuckerbraun of Stern College for Women’s Department of Biology have published an article in the Journal of Toxicology (Volume 2011, Article ID 467305). The article, titled “Research Strategies in the Study of the Pro-Oxidant Nature of Polyphenol Nutraceuticals” concerns the phytochemicals which polyphenols are thought to contain which exhibit chemo-preventive effects against cancer. Epidemiological evidence has shown that the dietary consumption of fruits and vegetables can mediate the ridsk of developing malignancies. Polyphenols, a heterogeneous class of phytochemicals with a wide range of pharmacological properties, are most known for their antioxidant properties and their abilities to act as scavengers of reactive oxygen species.


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