Dr. Nancy Beckerman, professor at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and Dr. Gary Stein, associate professor at Wurzweiler, have been selected for the 2011 Rose Dobrof Award for their article, “Lesbian and Gay Elders and Long-Term Care: Identifying the Unique Psychosocial Perspectives and Challenges.”

The article discusses findings based on a study of two focus groups of 16 lesbian and gay elders in community and long-term care settings.  Expressed fears included fear of being rejected or neglected by healthcare providers, particularly personal care aides, fear of not being accepted and respected by other residents, fear of having to go back into the closet if placed in long-term care, and a preference for gay-friendly care.

The Rose Dobrof Award is presented to authors of an article published in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work that is determined to have the strongest methodology, greatest innovation and the strongest application to gerontological social work practice and policy. The award will be presented at the 64th Annual Gerontological Society of America Meeting, which will be held in Boston from November 18-22. Stein is also a presenter at the conference.


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