Rabbi J. David Bleich, the Herbert and Florence Tenzer Chair in Jewish Law and Ethics at Yeshiva University, recently delivered two lectures on family law and human life at conferences in Chicago and Doha, Qatar.


The first, “Duties vs. Rights: Differing Models of Family Law,” was given at the Symposium on the Jurisprudence of Extended Families, Extending Families and Intergenerational Solidarity, hosted by the Doha International Institute for Family Studies in Doha on May 1, 2012. The talk dealt with support of non-biological children in Jewish law.


The second, “Human Life as a Bonum per se,” was delivered at a conference titled, “Judaism, Medicine and the Formation of Clinicians,” hosted by the University of Chicago’s Program on Medicine and Religion and sponsored by the MacLean Center, Integrated DNA Technologies, the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Life and Learning, and the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies, with grant support from the John Templeton Foundation.


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