Robert M. Tufts, an adjunct instructor at Yeshiva University, will participate in a panel discussion of Israel, America and baseball at the 92nd Street Y on May 13 at 8:15 pm. One of only six major league players to convert to Judaism during his career, Tufts will be joined by Jeffrey Lyons and author Larry Ruttman to discuss Ruttman’s new book, American Jews and America’s Game, which features 50 in-depth interviews with Jews who impacted the sport. Moderated by Alan Dershowitz, the panel will discuss, among other topics, the all-time greats—Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, Al Rosen and Ken Holtzman (the all-time wins leader among Jewish pitchers); little-known players, like Barney Pelty (“The Yiddish Curver”); powerful front-office types, such as the late Marvin Miller and today’s commissioner, Bud Selig; and whether we’re now in a “Golden Age” of Jewish ballplayers, with stars like Ryan “Hebrew Hammer” Braun, Ian Kinsler and Kevin Youkilis. 

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