Dr. Ann Peters, associate professor of English at YU’s Stern College for Women, will publish a memoir in January 2014.

ann peters bookThe book, House Hold: A Memoir of Place (University of Wisconsin Press 2014), is an expansive contemplation of America, a meditation on place and property, and an exploration of how literature shapes the thinking about the places people live. Peters revisits the modern split-level where she grew up in Wisconsin and charts her journey through two decades of New York City apartments, a cabin in the mountains of Colorado and her eventual purchase of an old farmhouse in upstate New York, interweaving personal narrative with musings on Henry James, Willa Cather, William Dean Howells, Paule Marshall, William Maxwell and others. The book reflects on the romance of pastoral retreat, the hazards of nostalgia, America’s history of expansion and land ownership, and the conflicting desires to put down roots and to hit the road.

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