Schram60357-02Two illustrated children’s books written by Peninnah Schram, professor of speech and drama at Stern College for Women, have been translated into Spanish. The original books, The Magic Pomegranate (Lerner Publishing/Kar-Ben Publishing 2008) and The Apple Tree’s Discovery (Kar-Ben Publishing 2012), had already been selected for distribution by PJ Library, a program that mails free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis. The translations, La granada magic and El descubrimiento del manzano, will be part of a Spanish lineup of a materials for a new expansion of the PJ Library program in Mexico.

Additionally, two books by Schram, Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another (Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers 1987) and Stories Within Stories: From the Jewish Oral Tradition (Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers 2000), were listed in the bibliography of the recently-published Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions (M.E. Sharpe 2013), co-edited by Raphael Patai and Haya Bar-Izhak. The books are listed in the “Translated or Retold Folktales” section. 

Schram will attend the 25th celebration of the Covenant Awards, sponsored by the Covenant Foundation, in Chicago, IL from October 27-29. She received the Covenant Award for Outstanding Educator in 1995.

Schram is a member of YU’s Speakers Bureau. To invite Schram to speak at an event, please contact the Bureau at (212) 960-5400 ex. 6350 or

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