tamar avnetDr. Tamar Avnet, associate professor of marketing and department chair of marketing and management at YU’s Sy Syms School of Business, has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, one of the top marketing journals in consumer behavior researchThe article, “Regulatory Fit: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis,” analyzes 104 papers that study the role of regulatory fit – how well a person’s strategy for pursuing goals and decision-making matches their inherent focus either to gain positive outcomes or avoid negative ones – in psychology, marketing and organizational behavior. Avnet’s meta-analysis demonstrates that when marketers created regulatory fit in the messaging of their products, consumers were on average 1.86 more likely to purchase them. Her study also explores what conditions bolster or diminish that effect. This paper provides a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory fit effect and furthers the academic research conducted on this topic so far.

Avnet’s coauthors on the study are Scott Motyka, Dr. Dhruv Grewal, and Dr. Anne L. Roggeveen of Babson College; Dr. Nancy M. Puccinelli of the Said Business School, Oxford University; Dr. Ahmad Daryanto of Lancaster University Management School; Dr. Ko de Ruyter of Maastricht University; and Dr. Martin Wetzels of Maastricht University.



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