Dr. Gabriel Cwilich and Dr. Neer Asherie have both been promoted to full professor of physics and full professor of physics and biology, respectively, at Yeshiva University’s Yeshiva College.


Gabriel Cwilich

Cwilich is the director of Yeshiva College’s Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program and the division coordinator of the University’s natural and mathematical sciences. He is an expert on wave propagation in disordered materials and the physics of disordered systems and has taught physics at Yeshiva College since 1991. Cwilich also works to improve public understanding of science and technology, particularly as it’s represented in pop culture, regularly advising theater and film productions and playwrights who involve elements of science in their creative activities.

Asherie’s research interests include chirality and protein crystallization and the phase behavior of biological macromolecules. He recently discovered a new way to control protein crystallization to increase the success rate of making crystals, which has implications for drug development and the study of certain diseases.

Neer Asherie

Neer Asherie

“Promotion to the rank of full professor is a recognition of the excellence of a faculty member’s ongoing scholarly productivity in his field and the importance of his continuing contributions to the educational mission of the university,” said Dr. Barry Eichler, dean of Yeshiva College. “Over the years, both  Professors Cwilich and Asherie have made significant contributions to their fields of study and have greatly enhanced the quality of Yeshiva College’s educational mission. We wish them continued success in all of  their endeavors.”

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