Four Yeshiva University faculty  presented at the recent international conference, “The Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse”  in Jerusalem, Israel.  The three-day conference, held on December 1-3, 2014,  was spearheaded by Tahel – Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children, an Israeli non-profit organization.  The plenary presentations and facilitated discussions offered a social, halachic and educational focus on problems facing Jewish communities worldwide.  Presenters include Senior Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Yosef Blau; Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel; Dean of Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration Dr. Rona Novick; and Gwendolyn & Joseph Straus Chair In Jewish Education Dr. David Pelovitz.  The presenters addressed the unique challenges that face victims of abuse in religious communities and how the  community can be equipped to confront these issues.

Among the conference sponsors were Yeshiva University in Israel and Yeshiva University Israel Alumni.

“We were proud that Yeshiva University was able to provide expert professionals  as presenters and become a silver sponsor at this conference which was the first of its kind,” said Nissel who was also interviewed by Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot.

The full program of events can be found here.



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