Several faculty members and a recent graduate of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration contributed to the Fall 2015 issue of Klal Perspectives: A Forum for Discussion of Challenges Facing the Torah Community. 

The issue was guest-edited by Dr. David Pelcovitz, the Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Jewish Education; its theme was “Technology and the 21st Century Orthodox Community. Pelcovitz also wrote the issue’s foreword, “Isolation versus Inoculation: Guidelines for Parents in Meeting the Challenges of Digital Technology.” Dr. Rona Milch Novick, dean of Azrieli, contributed an article about cyber bullying in the Jewish community, while Dr. Laya Salomon, assistant professor, explored technology as a learning tool through her perspective as an educator. Dr. Eli Shapiro, a recent Azrieli graduate, also contributed an article, titled “The Need to Teach Our Children Digital Citizenship.”

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