joshzimmermanDr. Joshua Zimmerman, Eli and Diana Zborowski Chair in Holocaust Studies and East European Jewish History, delivered the annual Yom HaShoah lecture at the Queens College Center for Jewish Studies. Zimmerman discussed his recent book, The Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945 (Cambridge University Press, June 2015) and about rethinking and re-examining Polish-Jewish relations during World War II.

Zimmerman was also interviewed by the New Books Network (NBN) on March 18. In researching for his book, Zimmerman was surprised by the consensus of Polish Jews prior to 1943: “Just as dangerous as the Germans were our Polish neighbors… But we should remember that the death penalty was extended to Poles who aided Jews.” These Poles who blackmailed Jews were eventually condemned by the Polish Underground court.

NBN is a consortium of podcasts produced by university presses and focuses on serious topics.  NBN publishes several podcasts a week and Zimmerman’s podcast can be heard here.

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