lavinsky_300Dr. David Lavinsky, assistant professor in the English department, will publish a new book, Inscription and Sacred Truth: the Material Text in Wycliffite Biblical Scholarship, with Boydell & Brewer this fall. In the book, Lavinsky examines the extraordinary assortment of commentaries and translations that comprise the universe of scholarship surrounding Oxford theologian and philosopher John Wyclif, with a particular interest in how ideas about scriptural truth are affected when transformed into books and manuscripts.

Lavinsky specializes in English literature and culture from the 14th through the 16th centuries, and within this scope of time much of his scholarship concerns the reform movement surrounding Wyclif, who is associated with the first complete translation of the Latin Bible into English.

“I decided to write this book,” Lavinsky said, “because many times studies of this topic have tended to treat medieval religious belief and practice apart from questions about the material transformation of sacred texts.”



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