Wachtell_300Dr. Cynthia Wachtell, director of the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program and research associate professor of American studies at Stern College for Women, has published a number of essays. She contributed four essays to Opposition to War: An Encyclopedia of United States Peace and Antiwar Movements, forthcoming from ABC-CLIO, a leading academic and reference publisher. Three shorter essays covered Mark Twain, Jeanette Rankin and Madeleine Doty, and a longer piece reviewed anti-war literature in general.

Wachtell also published a piece for a special Civil War issue of Mickle Street Review (Spring 2016, no. 21, 1-41) on “The Battle of Fredericksburg Revised: Whitman’s and Melville’s Poems in Draft and Final Form”; presented a paper, “One Man Among Many: New York’s Socialist Jews and Resistance to World War I,” at Resistance to War 1914-1924, a conference held at the University of Leeds, England, from March 18-20, 2016; and wrote “Our Next President Will Likely Be a New Yorker” for the Huffington Post.

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