Debbie Akerman, associate director of field work and an adjunct faculty member at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, was recently featured in Manhattan Profiles, a monthly publication distributed in New York City.

Titled “Triumph Through Tragedy: How Debbie Akerman Transformed Personal Tragedy Into An Opportunity To Inspire And Educate,” it is a touching account about how weathering a series of misfortunes in her life helped her appreciate how resilient human beings can be in the face of calamity. “My basic philosophy,” she wrote, “is that all individuals possess the strength they need to navigate their challenges in life. Human beings are made of incredible spirit. We just have to find and nurture it.”

This realization about the capacity for growth out of pain also informs her practice with her clients. “Working with my clients gives me great joy and I learn from them every day. It humbles me to see how individuals, couples and families can work toward their goals and find truth and meaning in their lives. The strength of the human spirit is truly a wonder of the world, and one that I never tire of seeing. We are all children of God, and when we allow ourselves to celebrate our differences and unite in our commonality, the possibilities are truly endless.”

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