Sharon PoczterDr. Sharon Poczter, chair of the strategy and entrepreneurship department at Sy Syms School of Business, recently published a piece in Inc. titled “There’s No Such Thing as Good Company Culture. Here’s How You Can Succeed Anyway.”

She acknowledged that while “good company culture” is essential to business success, “there is no one recipe for ‘good’ company culture.” However, leaders who want to build a culture “that motivates employees to do their job well” can look to economics and social psychology for some guidance: provide a well-thought out incentive system based on financial and non-financial rewards and provide outlets that reinforce the meaningfulness, authority, and feedback of employees’ work.

“The only certainty in building culture,” Dr. Poczter concluded, “is that you must understand and focus on appealing to employees’ fundamental behavior by providing incentives that motivate, and strategies that authentically build employee satisfaction with their work. Understanding this fundamental behavior is the most long-lasting and only true guide to culture as your company grows.”

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