Zafrira Lidovsky CohenDr. Zafrira Lidovsky Cohen, director of the Hebrew language and literature department at Stern College for Women, coordinated the 2018 International Conference of Hebrew Language and Culture for the National Association of Hebrew Professors (NAPH). The conference was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on June 25-27, 2018, and was hosted by The University of Amsterdam Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Attended by over 300 scholars from 14 different countries, it featured 248 presentations by Hebrew members offering a great variety of carefully vetted and highly inspirational scholarly works, roundtable discussions, and workshops in the areas of Bible and Postbiblical studies, Hebrew linguistics, Hebrew literature through the ages, and Hebrew language pedagogy.

The engagement of growing numbers of scholars and teachers, particularly of young and upcoming ones from diverse locations and institutions in the United States and around the globe, has been the main focus of the NAPH annual conference under Dr. Cohen’s leadership, and she has met with some success in forwarding this goal.

“Witnessing the gathering of hundreds of Hebrew scholars and teachers in Europe and hearing the echoes of Hebrew language reverberating through classrooms and corridors of a university far removed from major centers like Israel and New York has been the most rewarding aspect of the 2018 conference,” Dr. Cohen noted. “The work of national as well as international outreach is nevertheless far from completed. We operate on modest means and depend on a handful of members’ uncompromising commitment to Hebrew higher education, but for the conference to continue to grow and reach its goals, NAPH leadership must identify additional funding resources that will allow underfunded Hebrew programs to host a conference and support the travel expenses of young scholars.”

For the full program of NAPH 2018 and presentation abstracts as well as details of conference 2019, visit The NAPH 2019 annual conference will take place at Boston University June 24-26, 2019.

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