Dr. Jeffrey GurockDr. Jeffrey Gurock, Libby M.Klaperman Professor of Jewish History, presented at the conference “American Jews and Their (Various) Others: Sketching New Maps of Identity, Religion, Civil Religion, and Society,” organized by Da’at Hamakom – Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World and held at Hebrew University and the Van Leer Institute, both in Jerusalem, from Nov. 18-20, 2018.

Dr. Gurock’s paper was entitled “‘Getting Along in Parkchester’: A New Era in Jewish-Irish Relations in New York City 1940-1970.” He discussed the improvement in the previously contentious relations between the two ethnic groups and articulated the differences that remained. “This was my first academic presentation,” said Dr. Gurock, “of a portion of my forthcoming book, Parkchester: A Bronx Tale of Race, Ethnicity and Neighborhood Continuity, that will be published by New York Uuniversity Press.”

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