Dr. Marnin YoungDr. Marnin Young, associate professor and chair of art history at Stern College for Women, has co-edited the second issue of Nonsite, an online peer-reviewed journal, devoted to new research on 19-century art.

“We are delighted to publish part two of ‘The Nineteenth Century,’ the beginning of a series of special issues in this online, peer-reviewed journal. The hard work of everyone involved has paid off with another set of groundbreaking essays on nineteenth-century art. Like the first issue, this one contains scholarship on a broad range of art objects from a number of countries: Belgian scenes of the harvest, the Eiffel Tower, Mallarmé’s art criticism, Degas and technology, and Delacroix’s The Lion Hunt at the World’s Fair of 1855. Although French art continues to be central, we wanted to emphasize the scholarly range of this issue by reproducing a detail from Adolph Menzel’s Iron Rolling Mill—a masterpiece of nineteenth-century German painting—as our cover image. We plan to publish similar issues in future editions.”

The contents include Alex Potts, “Social Theory and the Realist Impulse in Nineteenth-Century Art”; Hollis Clayson, “The Ornamented Eiffel Tower: Awareness and Denial”; Margaret Werth, “Mallarmé and Impressionism in 1876”; Michelle Foa, “The Making of Degas: Duranty, Technology, and the Meaning of Materials in Later Nineteenth-Century Paris”; Allison Morehead, “Modernism and the Green Baize”; and Jennifer Olmsted, “In Defense of Painting: Delacroix’s Lion Hunt at the 1855 Exposition Universelle.” Dr. Young co-edited the issue with Dr. Bridget Alsdorf of Princeton University, with the editorial assistance of Luke Naessens, a graduate student at Princeton.

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