Hanni Flaherty , Assistant Professor, Wurzweiler School of Social WorkDr. Hanni Flaherty, clinical assistant professor and associate director of the doctoral program at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, has published “Bridging the gap between research and practice: A discussion about how to integrate evidence-based interventions in clinical practice through education” in the most recent issue of the Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning.

In her article, Dr. Flaherty argues that the benefits of incorporating evidence-based interventions (EBI) in mental health settings are well documented. “However,” she points out, “many mental health settings continue not to adopt or implement evidence-based interventions despite the benefits EBIs offer providers.”

The way to bridge this gap between research and practice is through educational programs which 1) define the evidence-based practice and interventions, 2) describe in detail the facilitating factors and 3) use clinical case examples to provide further insight.

“The chasm between research and practice will begin to close,” Dr. Flaherty predicts, “as practitioners’ concerns are addressed through education.”

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