Two faculty members of Wurzweiler School of Social Work—Dr. Susan Mason, professor and director of the Ph.Dd program, and Dr. Sari Skolnik, assistant professor—have co-authored, along with Rachel Miller, a therapist in private practice, “Psychodrama for Schizophrenia: adaptive techniques in mutual aid groups” in Social Work with Groups (June 27, 2021).

Here is the abstract:

Psychodrama techniques adapted for first-episode schizophrenia patients are illustrated with examples of how mutual aid groups are utilized to enhance the recovery process. In keeping with the techniques of psychodrama first introduced by J.L Moreno, patients quickly become group members and work toward mutual assistance in reducing the trauma of the diagnosis and its accompanying symptoms and functioning challenges. The authors show how the techniques of warming up, doubling, mirroring, role playing, and role reversal can make an impact on the every-day lives of members. The authors have first-hand experience working with psychodrama, schizophrenia and mutual aid based groupwork.

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