Hello and welcome to the official blog of the Yeshiva College Honors Program. This is Avi Kelin writing. I’m the Student Liaison for the Honors Program, and I’ll be composing a good portion of the posts on this here blog. If there are any features or information that you think would improve this electronic endeavor, please let me know. (Also, if you have any ideas for Honors Program activities, running features, and events, get in touch with me and we’ll make it happen.)

So what’s this blog all about? We’re hoping to centralize communications for the program, keeping information and forms in one place. While there are still going to be emails and newsletters, the blog is a place for longer communications and advanced media.. One of the very nicest things about this system is that, unless the entire Internet breaks, this blog will be here. It won’t accidentally get deleted from your inbox.

Also, this will be a place where you’ll hear from your Honors Student Council and Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, the Honors Program Director. We’ll also be posting additional reading of potential interest to Honors students. So check back early and often. You might even want to follow us via RSS or Twitter. Happy reading.

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