Honors students work really hard. It’s no secret to YC students have an intense schedule. Add to that the most challenging workload in the college and a thesis, and we can safely say that those students who graduate with honors really earn it.

Knowing the hard work that went into this program of study made seeing the culmination of all this work especially nice. At last week’s Honors Program Year-End dinner we got to witness exactly that. After opening remarks from Honors Program Director Gabriel Cwilich and Chair of the Honors Program Committee William Stenhouse, our graduating seniors presented highlights and summaries of their research, with topics ranging from a comparison between King Saul and Macbeth to a study of the crystallization of proteins with chiral precipitants. After breaking for dessert, the assembled audience was treated to a violin performance by Aaron Yevick.

Congrats to our graduating seniors! Be proud of what you accomplished. And keep up the good work.

Check out some of the highlights below.

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