As promised, here’s a first-hand account of the Honors Program’s recent pre-orientation hiking trip. Here’s Moshe Siegel:
Several new Honors Students recently started off their year on an awesome three-day hike that built both friendships and endurance. Along the way, we learned important camping skills, picked fresh fruit, and met a really cool farmer. Much appreciation goes to Rabbi Jordan Rosenberg for organizing the hike.
On the first day of the hike, we walked a short distance and spent the rest of the day relaxing at the campsite.  We were joined that evening by Marlon Danilewitz and Professor Sam Gellens, both of whom described life at YU.  The next morning, following an inspiring Shacharit, we walked four miles and then ate a healthy lunch. After lunch we walked approximately another six miles at which point we came across Steve Hewing, a farmer who lives in the area. We spoke with Steve and discovered that he is a retired Vietnam veteran who spends five months a year working on Wall Street and the rest of the year farming. At Steve’s farm we met a nice older Jewish couple named Henry and Joann.  The next morning, after picking fresh vegetables and grapes, we helped Steve transport hay and chop wood. We finished our work and then took a dip in Henry and Joanns’ pool. After saying our goodbyes, we returned to YU, confident about a great new year.
-Moshe Siegel
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