A group of 15 Honors Student spent last Saturday night in the most sophisticated possible way: listening to a wonderful program of music performed by the Baltimore Symphony at Carnegie Hall. It was a lovely evening. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a piece of Allan Kozinn’s review in the Times:

Not incidentally, the orchestra sounds terrific these days, a point Ms. Alsop made quickly at Carnegie Hall on Saturday evening. In the opening pages of Barber’s “Second Essay for Orchestra” the woodwinds played with uncommon richness and character, and the string sound was gracefully shaped. If there was anything to quibble about, it was in Ms. Alsop’s interpretation, which at first put the music’s tension and drama at arm’s length. As it turned out, those qualities were merely delayed, not jettisoned: by the time brass and percussion sections made their assertive entrances, Ms. Alsop had gradually brought an urgent edge to her reading.

We hope to put together a series of concert outings in the spring, so stay tuned for that.

And, I want to mention, Carnegie Hall has an internship program that looks really interesting. Take a look if this type of thing strikes your fancy.

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