Honors Seniors:


The Honors Council is working on renewing the Honors Mentorship Program, providing you an opportunity to guide our first year students through many experiences that you have been through. We have approached a number of seniors already, and have received many successful responses, but we would like to make this opportunity available to all seniors in the Honors Program.


If you choose to participate in this program, we will be pairing you with a first time on campus Honors student based on similar majors/minors, career paths, or general interests – so the mentorship will be appropriate in needed areas. You and your FTOC will decide when to meet and how often; we hope to provide an introductory session for everyone to meet as well – perhaps with food. If you have not been contacted yet regarding this program and want to join, or even if you have and have not provided us all the requested information on this FORM, please fill it out as soon as you get a chance.


Thank you,

The Honors Council


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