Now, let us begin our trip down memory lane as we remember the first half of Spring, 2013:
















We opened with a Wednesday luncheon featuring Dr Andrew Delbanco, author of the bestselling book, College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be. Dr Delbanco visited campus to speak with various faculties and staffs, but the Honors Program got him for his only presentation to students.


Welcome Back















Then we hosted a luncheon for students, to give them advanced notice of the various cultural events happening this semester, as well as this summer’s Honors travel course.

Berlin Luncheon















On that topic, we officially announced the location of this summer’s course in Berlin! (Visit again later for the new summer course page!)


Beyond Expulsion 1















Of course, we didn’t only host Honors Luncheons. We also hosted a book presentation by Dr Debra Kaplan, in conjunction with the Humanities Book Series and YU Seforim Sale.


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