Our First Meal at the Restaurant

As one of the coordinators of the trip to Saint Petersburg, I was a little afraid of what it would be like there. The sorts of things you worry about when you travel miles and miles from home: your food, your bed, the cultural differences and especially the language barrier. How would I be able to get around and deal with the people? How would I do something as simple as ordering food? The answer to my questions was provided as soon as I landed. Within minutes of clearing customs, I had ordered a cab in a mix of English and gesticulation, received help in finding it from some helpful strangers, found my way to our nice hotel, and walked down to the restaurant, shown below. The staff there has been wonderful and the food delicious every day (which always helps after a long day of walking around). We’ve been practicing our Russian reading skills and learning with the help of people all over the city. And while there are not many people here who do speak English, we were able to navigate around the city Jewish community with our translators and our Hebrew.

Walking Around Town at 10 PM

Walking Around Town at 10 PM

It’s been strange going from the “City that Never Sleeps” to the “City Where the Sun Never Sets”, but we’ve been welcome as visitors and as Jews where ever we went.


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