On the evening of November 5th, the Honors Lounge saw another edition of the Humanities in Dialogue series, in this case co-hosted by our Program.
The occasion was the launching of the book  Neo-Babylonian Trial Records, compiled by Professor Shalom Holtz, chair of the Department of Jewish Studies in Yeshiva College.   Professor Elizabeth Stewart from the English Department interviewed him, setting up a fascinating dialogue, which  demonstrated the validity and vibrancy of the humanities, and in particular how professors of different disciplines can have a productive dialogue across their fields.
Professor Holtz narrated some of the most interesting among the cases discussed in his book, and gave us a window on how he studies them, the questions they bring to him in terms of authorship, narrative voices, historical record, legal issues and more.  Numerous students and faculty enjoyed the conversation and engaged in an intense question and answer generalized conversation.
You can hear the recording of the event here: Humanities in Dialogue recording

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