At our last luncheon of the semester on December 17th, Honors Program visiting scholar and historian Dr. Mario Kessler of the University of Potsdam, Germany gave a talk titled “German Intellectuals Before and During World War I: Some Thoughts on the Historians,” continuing our series of conversations on World War I this semester.

Among other things, Dr. Kessler discussed the way most influential historians viewed history in relation to power politics and how they viewed the role of the masses as a political factor.Dr. Mario Kessler

He also discussed German intellectuals’ guiding principles in teaching and the way that Judeophobia was made acceptable, with studies being based on the superiority of the German culture.┬áHe also discussed at length the role of the intellectuals and University professors who in the run-up and the beginning of the war sided with the German government and became for the most part, with some distinguished exceptions, shameless panegyrists of the war effort.

Dr. Kessler’s talk was followed by a questions and answers session where students and faculty had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Dr. Kessler about the topic of his talk.

Thank you to all those who attended this luncheon, which was a thoughtful and informative conclusion to what has been a great luncheon line-up.


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