For our first Honors luncheon of the spring semester on February 11th, Rebecca Weiler, the Director of Counseling & Programming at the Career Center, gave a presentation entitled “Take Your Career to the Next Level,” which introduced our students to the services that the Career Center provides and how the professional staff at the Center can help them pursue their career goals.

Rebecca Weiler spoke about the various services the Career Center provides, including helping students select a major and figure out what to do with it, teaching them how to create an effective and convincing resume, assisting students in selecting classes and internships for their career, and showing them how to build networking contacts and communicate with potential employers. She pointed out that the Career Center has a number of workshops, panels, and info sessions for different fields throughout the year that students would find helpful.

Our students learned a lot about how to impress potential employers while they are in college, so that they can pursue the career of their dreams.

If you missed the presentation, the powerpoint is now available online.


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