On Wednesday, February 25th, the Honors Program hosted another installment of the Honors Roundtable series, wherein professors reflect candidly on their career path and how they came to be professional academicians.  This semester’s roundtable featured Prof. Ariel Malka, a member of YU’s Psychology Department.  In a presentation entitled “My Pathway into Social Science,” Prof. Malka shared the journey that brought him to be a researcher of the psychology of political preferences.
 Prof. Ariel Malka speaking
Professor Cwilich introduced Prof. Malka and his background on the West Coast.  Prof. Malka then discussed his research and experimental methods and goals, tracing them back to when he first entered graduate school and had been interested in how students’ goals and values in studying affected their academic performance.  This interest soon led him to ask broader questions about goals and values in general, and how they impact our lives and wellbeing.
More recently, he has been doing research on the relationship between personality and political attitudes.
Dr. Malka’s discussion was followed by a question and answer session with the audience, which included faculty and both Honors and non-Honors students.

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