The Honors Program hosted an event on March 18th entitled “Yeshiva College and the Honors Program: Looking Above the Fray,” which was intended as an opportunity to discuss the Honors Program’s status and its perspectives for the future, along with the University’s.  Professors Ruth Bevan, Shalom Carmy, Gabriel Cwilich and Will Lee, who represent several different academic departments in YC and have all spent a large part of their professional lives at YC, led a conversation which tried to go beyond our daily and sometimes dramatic ‘pressing concerns’ in order to think more broadly and reflect together on YC’s past, present and future, and its mission in the years to come.
Gabriel Cwilich introduced the main theme of the event before inviting his colleagues to talk about where the institution has been and will be.  He also introduced the student leaders from the Yeshiva College Student Association and the Honors Program Student Council, who had agreed to be part of this important conversation.  The event was meant to allow students to voice their thoughts and hopes for the future and provide a safe and quiet space for everyone to think together.
YC Honors Students at the Luncheon
One thought which surfaced repeatedly throughout the event was the idea that although we may disagree on certain details, ultimately we all believe in the institution, its mission and its future.  Yeshiva University provides a unique opportunity for students, which we are looking to build on our strengths and expand them.  The students ended the meeting energized and the Honors Student Council agreed to compile an extensive survey among Honors students about what are the essential elements of their education that students value the most, so that we can build on them.
In that regard, if you have not yet answered the poll by the Honors Student Council, please do it as soon as you have a chance.
For one student’s perspective on the event, read Avi Strauss’s article, “Longtime Faculty Strike Cautious, Optimistic Tone at Honors Luncheon,” in the March 23rd issue of YU’s student newspaper, The Commentator.
Thank you to all those who attended this important event and shared in the dialogue.  This was one of our most successful luncheons, with the number of students attending over 60!

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