In a panel event on April 27th relating to our semester-long theme of children, three professors reflected on issues pertaining to Children and Violence.
Jenny Isaacs of the Psychology Department started off by discussing the role of the social environment in determining which children are at greater risk for violence and escalating aggression.  For instance, children who are rejected by their peer group are often victimized.  She also addressed the different types of aggression (proactive and reactive) and the difference between boys and girls in the ways the aggression is displayed.
Daniel Kimmel of the Sociology Department followed by talking about the factors that contribute toward an increased risk of violent victimization, which leads to a lot of issues in children and in how they mature and develop.
Elizabeth Stewart of the English Department closed the panel with a discussion of terrorism in children.  She talked about how children who are victims now can become tomorrow’s perpetrators, such as in the Nazi and post-Nazi period. There is a cyclical repetition of trauma onto next generation, and victim children submit to the aggressor and align themselves with them, completely oblivious of themselves.
It was an interesting event that presented different aspects of the subject, and we thank the professors for contributing.

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