Repeating a tradition that Yeshiva College has had for 10 years, the Honors Program co-sponsored the Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party on October 16th, along with several student clubs and organizations, including the Chemistry Club, Cancer Society, Physics Club, Entrepreneurship and Technology Club, Undergraduate Student Research Presentations, Yeshiva College Student Association, and the National Science Foundation.


In this annual event, held in the week that the Nobel Prizes were announced, six professors representing the six areas to which Nobel Prizes were awarded spoke for six minutes each about what this year’s prize was all about.


Prof. Neer Asherie moderated the event. Dr. Josefa Steinhauer, representing Medicine; Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, representing Physics; Dr. Jianfeng Jiang, representing Chemistry; Dr. David Lavinsky, representing Literature; Dr. Jamie Aroosi, representing Peace; and Dr. James Kahn, representing Economics, all gathered to explain the prizes that had been awarded in their fields, allowing students to keep up to date on the Nobel Prizes and be inspired by the great achievements of the winners.


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