Our last few Honors luncheons were devoted to hearing from our YU faculty on various topics.


IMAG9358On September 27, Rabbi Ozer Glickman spoke on “The Future of Torah, Poetry, and the Humanities in the Age of Big Data.”  Rabbi Glickman has spent years applying data science to rich data sets in the management of investment risk. He discussed what data is likely to do for the softer sciences, the study of literature, the place of poetry in the academic canon and whether it influences our approach to Torah, the study of history, and how we think about meaning and truth. These are ideas that bridge the two spheres of his life, the Derech Eretz of strategic consulting and the Torah of the Beit Midrash.  We are grateful to Rabbi Glickman for this deeply reflective and personally revealing talk shared with the students of our Honors Program.

AIMAG9436fter Sukkot break, Prof. Jess Olson, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Jewish History) gave a talk to the Honors students on October 18th titled “What is Psychoanalysis Today?” He focused on dispelling myths about psychoanalysis and separating it from the personality of its founder, Freud, so that all his flaws aren’t connected with psychoanalysis.  Prof. Olson discussed the purpose of the famous couch in psychoanalysis and how psychoanalytical methods are designed to help patients.

The following week, in another installment of our Humanities in Dialogue series, Prof. Lauren Fitzgerald (Professor of English) spoke about her new book, The Oxford Guide for Writing Tutors: Practice and Research (by Lauren Fitzgerald and Melissa Ianettta; Oxford, 2015). In a presentation moderated by Prof. Aaron Koller, she spoke about writing tutoring and the joys and challenges inherent in guiding young writers to their voices.


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