Tiny Beautiful Things / Public Theater

The Honors Program took a trip downtown to see Tiny Beautiful Things at the Public Theater on Sunday, December 10th. Based on the best-selling book by author Cheryl Strayed (Wild), this play was praised by The New York Times as “an ideal catharsis” and “handkerchief-soaking meditation on pain, loss, hope & forgiveness.” Thousands of people wrote letters asking for advice from an anonymous online columnist named Sugar, who drew from her own life experiences to answer. It was later revealed that Sugar was Cheryl Strayed. Nia Vardalos adapted Strayed’s book for the stage, weaving together the letters to explore the highs and lows that are at the heart of being human.


Click here to read a review that Honors student Matthew Silkin wrote for the YU Commentator on Tiny Beautiful Things.


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