BME student Melina Puzino

Melina Puzino, who is two semesters into her Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship degree at the Katz School, is a clinical lab technologist in NYU Health’s hospital laboratory. A native of New Jersey, she holds a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from Marist College. Helena Goodman, a marketing manager at Yeshiva University, recently spoke with Melina about her experience at the Katz School.

Q: How is your job changing due to COVID-19?

I am still working in the microbiology lab during COVID-19 because I’m considered an essential worker. We are running coronavirus testing, which has created an additional element in our daily workload. It is interesting to be behind the scenes in the middle of a pandemic.

Q: Why did you choose to get a graduate degree?

I have always seen myself moving into a leadership position, and I wanted more insight into the business side of healthcare and biotechnology. I knew that the BME degree could supplement the clinical side of the life sciences that I already know from my day job and undergraduate degree. This program really blends the best of both worlds.

Q: How has the program helped you?

So far, I have taken courses in Biotechnology Management, Pharmacology Product Development and Commercialization, and Intellectual Property and Regulation, as well as foundational courses. They have provided really solid overviews of what I need to understand about the business and regulatory elements of the biotechnology industry. My professors have also brought in a ton of guest speakers and events that help students learn what investors look for in entrepreneurs, how to run clinical trials and how to manage a biotech business venture.

Q: What has been a highlight of the program?

I am really enjoying the guest lectures. We have heard from such interesting speakers on ethics and marketing, as well as small biotech founders and big pharma representatives.

Q: What would your advice be to someone interested in this program and a career in the industry?

I would encourage those interested to be open to different experiences and opportunities. Most of the faculty are professionals working in the industry, so you will gain great insight into the field and learn from hands-on experience. You can network and make many great contacts to help you with internships and your eventual career, and the program is flexible in terms of course load so you can balance classes and a full-time job. If you are interested in blending life science and business, this degree is for you.

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