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Biotech student John McShane talks about how his Katz School experience is benefiting his work as a key account manager for Active Motif, a global company involved in epigenetic research whose clients include large pharmaceuticals and academic institutions. Below, Helena Goodman, a marketing manager at Yeshiva University, recently spoke with John.

Q: How has your job changed due to the COVID-19 epidemic?

When the outbreak began in China, we began using our lab there to clone COVID-19 antibodies. My company was the first to successfully do that and use antibody testing to see which workers had been exposed to the coronavirus. We usually work in the epigenetic research space, but this has opened us up to work in the diagnostic space. We are also adapting to virtual work, like other businesses during this time, and we try to be flexible in adapting to the current situation.

Q: What have been some benefits from the BME program for you and your career so far?

The program has definitely helped me be a smarter employee. I now see the industry in a holistic way due to the courses and guest lectures that have exposed me to new elements. It has allowed me to focus at work with my client outreach and has helped me understand what motivates my customers.

Q: What has been a highlight moment from the program?

The guest lectures have really been a special aspect of the program. Once, I attended an event with a CEO from a big biotech company that ended up being a client of mine at work. I already knew a lot about the company from the guest speaker event, and I was especially prepared to excel in my day job.

Q: Any advice for prospective students interested in the BME program?

I would urge students to utilize the network that the program offers and take advantage of the various opportunities you will have as a student. And biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. You can do great work with good job security. Most importantly, you will have the chance to impact the world.

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