From the monthly archives: November 2020

Providers of financial information have an economic incentive to delay its disclosure for strategic business reasons, according to a Yeshiva University analysis published in the Journal of Financial Economics.

The paper, “Information Arrival, Delay, and Clustering in Financial Markets with Dynamic Freeriding,” co-authored by Dr. Tadashi Hashimoto, an assistant professor in the Quantitative Economics […]

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The incidence of life-threatening diarrhea plummeted among residents in several rural villages in Ghana over a five-month period after they began using water purified with repurposed hemodialyzers, according to a study published by a Katz School professor in Scientific Reports in July.

“This is a major public health outcome particularly since diarrhea is well known […]

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Residents of a nursing home in the mid-Atlantic region experienced declines in blood-oxygen saturation levels several days before developing symptoms of COVID-19, according to a pilot study co-authored by a recent graduate of the Katz School of Science and Health.

“In this study we retrospectively evaluated 84 nursing home residents to identify whether pulse-oximetry would […]

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