Rachel Green is an associate project manager for Digitas North America. She is graduating in May with an M.S. in Digital Marketing and Media.

Katz School: Congratulations on your new role at Digitas North America, part of the Publicis Groupe of ad agencies. Tell us more about your position.

Rachel Green: I am an associate project manager for a national telecommunications company. While I have only been a full-time employee at Digitas NYC for a few months, I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have been an intern in the Boston office during the summer of 2019. As both an intern and a full-time employee, I have been part of Digitas’ Associate Project Manager (AMP) program, which allows me to gain skills in both project and account management.


Katz School: What one or two things did you take away from the MS in Digital Marketing & Media program that helped you secure the role?

Rachel: I have spent my time in the DMM program meeting, learning and working remotely with my peers and professors. This, along with all the amazing skills I have learned in my classes, has helped me immensely while beginning my marketing career and onboarding remotely at Digitas NYC. Even more, through my concentrations in both data analytics and social strategies, I have learned the true importance of data in understanding consumer behavior and how to best reach a brand’s target market.


Katz School: What was your favorite course or professor? Why?

Rachel: I have truly enjoyed many of my professors and classes. With that said, if I had to pick one favorite course, I would have to choose my Marketing Capstone class. Professor Asaf Hochman helped bring all my learning to life through the real-life experience of working with a startup at the YU Innovation Lab. Instead of the typical class structure, each meeting was conducted as if it were a project check-in, like one would have while working in an agency or company. He gave us feedback on our work as one would from a manager and allowed all of us to get great real-world experience and practice.


Katz School: What specific projects and networking opportunities at Yeshiva University have prepared you for future success?

Rachel: The Innovation Lab is an amazing resource. Not only has it helped me grow my skill set and prepare for my professional life, it has offered me immense networking opportunities, such as meeting various founders and professionals working in startups across a wide array of industries. 


Katz School: Students graduating from this program can find digital marketing roles in nearly any industry. What was appealing about a media firm such as Digitas?

Rachel: As an intern, I was originally drawn to Digitas due to its expertise in digital marketing and dedication to data-driven creative work. As an emerging professional passionate about the ever-changing world of digital marketing, it seemed like an amazing opportunity and company to explore. As a full-time professional, I decided to return to Digitas for so many reasons. The people and culture are amazing as well as the learning and growth opportunities are endless. As part of the Publicis Network, Digitas is a well-connected agency allowing for impeccable client service and innovative practices.


Katz School: What advice would you give incoming students? What should they take advantage of while studying at YU?

Rachel: Take advantage of the network that YU offers you! Between its alumni, current students and professors, Yeshiva University has an amazing network for you to tap into. Foster relationships and nurture your connections because they will be one of your best assets throughout your professional career.


YU: We hope you stay part of the YU community in the future. Wishing you nothing but continued success!

Rachel: Thank you so much! And to the DMM and larger YU community, please connect with me (LinkedIn profile) if you are interested in hearing more about Digitas and the opportunities available at the company.

To learn how the M.S. in Digital Marketing & Media program is making the world smarter, safer and healthier, contact Program Director Joseph Panzarella at (jpanzarella@yu.edu).

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