From the monthly archives: November 2022

Katz School graduates have established an Alumni Association to inspire professional fulfillment, fellowship, acts of service and lifelong learning.

“As the Katz School continues to grow, you can feel the pride that our students and graduates have for their programs,” said Dean Paul Russo. “It speaks to the work of our faculty and staff that […]

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At a recent celebration of the Indian festival Diwali, Katz School students, dressed in traditional garb, danced joyously to classical Indian, or Garba, songs with their classmates. The scene, captured on Instagram, was a sign of the school’s growing community of Indian students.

Lakshmikar Reddy Polamreddy, president of the newly formed Katz School Indian […]

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By Dave DeFusco

Anne, a 50-something churchgoer, lost her speech after a stroke. She had trouble coming up with the right words and stringing them into sentences—a condition called aphasia—until Dani Weingarten, a graduate of the Katz School’s M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), took on her case.

Anne was a client at New York […]

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