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Study Quantifies Benefit of Water Filtration System in Rural Ghana—Biotechnology professor Dr. Jochen Raimann’s study in Nature Research’s Scientific Reports found that purified water from a hemodialyzer membrane filtration system reduced life-threatening diarrhea in several Ghana villages over a five-month period. Read more»

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Assignments in Dr. Zesarae Bodie’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate courses not only teach students what it’s like to live with a disability in a world built for the able-bodied, they show how disability can test their strength, build their empathy and shape the quality of their relationships with others.

“Part of the purpose of my classes […]

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A research analysis by a recent a graduate of the Speech-Language Pathology program concluded that the recovery pattern of expressive and receptive language skills for bilingual speakers can vary after a traumatic brain injury.

“Recovery can occur in different ways depending on the site of the lesion, the severity of the impact, the age of […]

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Biotech student Michael Kohan is an associate at Crossix, a healthcare data analytics company, where he advises pharmaceutical companies on their marketing spend and market strategy. A Pathways student, he received his undergraduate degree from Yeshiva University in economics and public health. He is scheduled to graduate from the BME program in January.

Q: Why […]

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