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By Dave DeFusco

Employers in the internet era have had to become more creative in finding people to guard the digital gates to their computer systems unwittingly left open, exposing precious company data. This has created the need for a whole new class of virtual sleuths, called penetration testers, to simulate […]

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This post was originally published by Maureen Brennan in YU News on June 13, 2022.

On May 18, 2022, students from the Katz School of Science and Health found out they won first place in the ISACA Cybersecurity Case Study Competition for the second year in a row. The victorious Cymple […]

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While mastering technology is a prerequisite for being a cybersecurity professional, understanding the psychology of a cyber-criminal is indispensable for protecting against the theft of an organization’s assets.

“In order to be good at what we do,” said David Schwed, co-director with Lev Feldman of the cybersecurity master’s program at the Katz School of […]

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