Dr. Jacob I. Dienstag, ז”ל, served as the Librarian of Yeshiva University’s Mendel Gottesman Library of Hebraica/Judaica for thirty years, from 1940 to 1970.  In a ceremony held recently at the Library, within a few days of his first yahrzeit, the office of the Head Librarian was dedicated in his memory.  Speakers at the ceremony recalled Dr. Dienstag’s personality, his close friendship with the YU roshei yeshiva, among them Rav Soloveitchik,  his political orientation as expressed in his strong support for the views of Jabotinsky, his involvement with the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, and especially his contribution to building the Library’s collections.  A dedicatory plaque and a photograph may now be seen at the entrance to the office, on the fifth floor of the Library.

Dr. Dienstag was a scholar-librarian par excellence, and a bibliographer who was well known for his chosen field of research, Maimonidean scholarship.


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