Lana Schwebel Collection

Her taste in literature– from Shakespeare to murder mysteries – showed a highly cultured and curious mind. Lana Schwebel had begun a promising career as Professor of English at Stern College for Women before her fatal accident two summers ago, during a bus tour through Russia.

Rabbi Philip and Lilly Schwebel have kindly presented their late daughter’s collection to Stern College’s Hedi Steinberg Library. Focusing on the humanities, this eclectic gift will enrich the library in many fields. Titles include contemporary fiction such as Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses; scholarly works such as S.A.J. Bradley’s Anglo-Saxon Poetry; and items of Jewish interest such as Michael Pollak’s Jews of Dynastic China.

Herskowitz Collection

Sylvia Herskowitz, recently retired director of the Yeshiva University Museum, presented the Hedi Steinberg Library with her personal book collection.  There are numerous art books, both secular and Jewish, such as retrospective volumes on the works of Picasso and Monet, and pictorials of synagogues and ceremonial objects. In addition, there are Holocaust memoirs and classics in philosophy and psychology.

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