Jewish Ethics as Dialogue: Using Spiritual Language to Re-imagine a Better World, by Moses L. Pava. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

Jewish Ethics as Dialogue is an innovative discussion of the translation and adaptation of the core moral and ethical values of Judaism to the modern, secular culture of society in general and the business community in particular. It provides a framework for thinking about the interaction of ancient traditions with the progressive worldviews of the contemporary western world. Dr. Pava’s essays are both enlightening and thought-provoking.

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Catalogue of the Cairo Geniza Fragments in the Westminster College Library, Cambridge, by Elazar Hurvitz. Cairo Geniza Institute, Yeshiva University, 2006.

The two volumes of Dr. Elazar Hurvitz’s catalogue of Cairo Geniza fragments held in the Westminster College Library of Cambridge (UK) represent the first installment of a monumental project.

The first volume describes the discovery of the Geniza and its subsequent dispersal to a variety of libraries and collections throughout the world. It also presents an analysis of the content, significance and dating of the fragments, and a thorough treatment of the history of the Ben-Ezra Synagogue, where most of the Geniza was housed, and other synagogues in Old Cairo and Memphis (Egypt).  The second volume offers an identification (or a description where identification is impossible) and a bibliography for each of the 2,500 fragments in the collection, and correlates the fragments with similar material in other collections. A third volume is in preparation; it will contain selected texts from the Geniza at Westminster College, supplemented by related material from elsewhere.

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