Mental Health Care in the College Community, edited by Jerald Kay and Victor Schwartz.  Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Available at the Libary as an e-book.

In Mental Health Care in the College Community, Kay and Schwartz present sobering findings of the 2008 ACHA National College Health Assessment survey of 80,120 students:  “At least once in the past year, 63% of students felt hopeless, 93% felt overwhelmed, 91% felt exhausted (not from physical activity), 79% felt sad, and 45% felt so depressed it was difficult to function…only back pain, allergy problems, and sinus infection were reported more frequently than depression.”

The editors delineate treatments available to students with mental health disorders and underscore the need for interdisciplinary collaborative diagnoses and for training novice clinicians.  They discuss the public health approach to treatment, international students’ unique challenges, and related ethical and legal issues.

This heavily documented and illustrated work was written by cross-discipline experts and was co-edited by Dr. Victor Schwartz, Yeshiva University Dean of Students and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Dr. Jerald Kay of Wright State University.

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