The past comes to life in sound and sight at the Library’s new digital website.  Experience musar (moral instruction) as it was delivered by a traditional Eastern European maggid (preacher) by tuning in to the Bialystoker Maggid’s impassioned wedding speech.  Even if you don’t understand Yiddish you will feel the force and spirit of his message.  For a more contemporary American approach to Orthodox Judaism, select from a variety of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm’s speeches and lectures.  These audio recordings demonstrate the breadth and depth of his Jewish knowledge and his academic scholarship, his skills as an orator and educator, as well as his piety, sensitivity, wisdom, compassion, and humanity.  Another expression of Jewish life is the art of the chazzan, the cantor. In a twist on the usual experience of listening to a cantor, this site enables you to see music manuscripts hand-written by Cantor Zeidel Rovner, a well-known Eastern European cantor and composer who moved to New York in 1914.
We invite you to enter the site and explore its riches.

Posted by Shulamith Z. Berger


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