ShiureYesamahAvShi’ure Yesamah Av, by Eli Baruch Shulman. Michael Scharf Publication Trust of the Yeshiva University Press, 2013.

Shi’ure Yesamah Av on the Talmudic chapters Keitsad Mevarkhin, Kol Sha’ah and Arvei Pesahim is a collection of insights and essays by Yeshiva University’s Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Eliahu Baruch Shulman. These chapters, which are part of tractates Berakhot and Pesahim, comprise the laws of blessings and topics relevant to the observance of Passover. The book, which reflects Rabbi Shulman’s penetrating and rigorous analytical style, is based on shiurim that he delivered in the Yeshiva and in the Young Israel of Midwood where he serves as rabbi.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro.


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